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Free Gift #1

FREE 30-Day Subscription Neurodynamic Breathing Online

Unlock a 30-day journey of self-discovery and transformation with NeuroDynamic Breathwork, a powerful practice created by renowned expert Michael Stone. Just as consistent training shapes muscles, regular practice of qualities like positive thinking, mental strength, and inner wisdom is essential for personal growth. This transformative modality offers a FREE month of subscription.

Free Gift #2

FREE HeartMath Experience video course

Check out this free 90 minute online video program. Unlock your heart’s natural intuitive guidance.  Hear from experts and master trainers.

Experience 5 scientifically validated HeartMath techniques for activating your heart power and intelligence.

Learn to move from depletion to renewal – from stress to ease – to become who you truly are.

Free Gift #3

FREE Fit Mom Jumpstart... Simple Meal Plan + Fat Burn Workout For Moms 40+

If you’re a busy Mom over 40 and you want to lose weight, improve your body shape, feel happier, AND help your family live healthier too… then this FREE Fit Mom Jumpstart (Meal Plan & Workout) is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Dr. Balduzzi created these free gifts to show you a simple & sustainable path to living healthier that’s designed for busy Moms over 40 & their families. Click the link below and you’ll get a copy of both sent straight to your email. You’ll be amazed how simple & effective this approach is.

Free Gift #4

FREE Meal Plan + Workout For Busy Dads 40+ (Created by Dr. Balduzzi)

Busy Dads over 40 need to eat and exercise differently than younger guys to burn off belly fat, build muscle, and feel energized & healthy for their families. Inside this FREE Meal Plan + Metabolism Boosting Workout, Dr. Anthony Balduzzi & the Fit Father Team will show you exactly how you can lose weight & get healthier with a sustainable approach for busy dads over 40.  When you click the link below, we will email you a simple meal plan, time-efficient workout for Men 40+, and private email training to help you see real results this upcoming week.

The simplest way to do this is to make SMALL changes, but ones that provide quick results, and relief from feelings of anxiety and stress.

Free Gift #5

FREE Neuro-Somatic Mindfulness eBook

In this eBook, Fleet Maull will offer an introduction to a deeply embodied, neuroscience-informed approach to mindfulness and awareness meditation that he calls Neuro-Somatic Mindfulness. He will first describe the practice and explain its purpose. You will also find a link to an audio recording, in which he will guide you in an introductory session on Neuro-Somatic Mindfulness practice. 

If you are new to meditation, my aspiration is that, after reading this and trying the guided practice, you will feel much more inspired to go further with your practice because you are more easily and more quickly experiencing the depth and benefits of meditation.

Free Gift #6

FREE How to eliminate a fear-causing belief (in just 30 minutes)

Are you ever afraid to make mistakes? Do you ever worry that you’ll look bad if something you do doesn’t work out? If so, you are not alone. Many people experience the same emotions you do.

And wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce these feelings so you can move boldly toward your goals?

Fortunately, 30 years ago, Morty and Shelly Lefkoe created a system to make lasting changes to emotions and behavior. Their approach eliminates a belief in 30 minutes and you can try it for free. You might be skeptical. Many people are. But in just 30 minutes, you’ll know if their system will work for you.

Free Gift #7

FREE Split-Second Courage Workbook

Get started on your own journey to Split-second courage with this free workbook from Christine Conti!

Free Gift #8

FREE Thrive State Starter Series

In this starter series from Kien Vuu, you’ll learn practical breathwork techniques specifically crafted to integrate smoothly into your bustling life. These methods will help you:

  • control stress
  • enhance focus
  • elevate your energy levels
  • increase vitality in your work and personal life

Free Gift #9

FREE Secret to Happiness eBook

In this Free eBook from Jackie Woodside you will discover the ultimate secret to elevating your consciousness… and transcend every belief, emotion, attitude, and thought that is not in alignment with the experience you desire to have and create… to live your most meaningful life.

Free Gift #10

FREE The 30-Day Money Vibe Challenge

This Challenge from Jackie Woodside is designed to increase your BEAT – your Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes, and Thoughts about money.


The 30-Day Challenge is a series of Intentions, Actions, and Affirmations that you will do every day for 30 days. There are 10 of each, and you will repeat these same 10 three times over the challenge.

The key here is to go DEEP into this practice of raising your Vibe, not broad with doing a bunch of different things.

Free Gift #11

FREE Exercise Planning Guide

No results? or No time to exercise? Finally, a simple way to plan your exercise to get all the results you want for longevity. Bone density, balance, mobility, muscle strength and heart health… check!

Here’s how to plan, based on your priorities, from 40-year fitness professional and health coach Debra Atkinson. As a Medical Exercise Specialist, and Strength & Conditioning Coach, she teaches a short masterclass paired with this eguide so you can plan your exercise … without hours or injury. Download the eguide and watch the masterclass now. 

Free Gift #12

FREE Guided "Embracing Your Inner Essence" Meditation

Through this guided meditation from Saemi Nakamura, “Embracing Your Inner Essence”, we can establish a connection between our Adult Mind (the logical part of our brain) and our Child Mind (the emotional part of our brain), creating a new neural wiring that gains access to more information in the brain and can elevate our perspective so that we become able to acknowledge self-inflicted limitations or harmful self-images stored in our Child Mind and cultivate self-compassion and self-love.

Free Gift #13

FREE Life Audit

The Wheel of Life is a powerful tool to help you explore where you are in your life right now and where you would like to be in the future.

It’s been around for decades and is used to realise what’s lacking in your life, where you are rocking it and what you need to prioritise.

Natalie Sisson from Life Pilot has adapted it to give you a complete view of your life across the six most important areas we focus on at LifePilot.

Free Gift #14

FREE Purpose Discovery Kit

A Nature Based Approach to Find Your Life Purpose from Tim Corcoran of Purpose Mountain, even if you’re struggling with Resistance, Fear, or Doubt.  You will learn:

  • How to Find Clarity and Direction
  • How to Find Passion, Motivation, & Excitement
  • How to Build Confidence & Trust
  • How to Deal with Distraction
  • How to Release old Patterns, Habits, & Beliefs
  • How to quiet Ego and allow Soul to speak
  • How to find Authentic Meaning & Happiness

Free Gift #15

FREE 8 Steps to Happiness & Prosperity Guide

Discover the Japanese Art of Unbounded Happiness & Prosperity in 8 Simple Steps in this FREE guide from Ken Honda.

Learn from Japan’s #1 money mentor on how you can transform your relationship with money and bring more happiness and prosperity into your life

Free Gift #16

FREE 8 Steps to Happiness & Prosperity Guide

Discover and learn to use neuroscience wisely with the Applied Brain Science Toolkit from Dr Sarah McKay. Use these hand-picked tools & strategies get a head-start on using brain science in your life. 

Get clear on how you think, feel and behave. Gain unique insights into emotion, attention, habit change, motivation, resilience, mindfulness, and self-belief for your wellbeing and peak performance.

Free Gift #17

FREE Online Dating Guide

Manifesting a soulmate requires a winning game plan. One of the best ways is to embrace online dating.

Download this guide and Arielle Ford will share with you how to do it!

You’ll learn:

  • The 10 Best Reasons to Date Online
  • How to write an online profile
  • Basic dating safety tips
    And much more!

Free Gift #18

FREE The Burnout Checklist

Are you burned out? Find out with this checklist by the Burnout Doc, Sharon Grossman, PhD. You will learn about the 3 stages of burnout, the symptoms of each stage, and what you should focus on in your recovery.

Free Gift #19

FREE Your Keys to Ageless Living Series eBook

In the Ageless Living Series e-Book from George and Sedena Cappannelli you’ll find valuable insights, well-tested life strategies and, most of all, support to help you meet and master some of the challenges and capitalize on some of the remarkable opportunities that are present for you in this tumultuous time in which we are living.

  • If you’re ready to move beyond some of the habitual practices and old and untrue beliefs about aging and life that may be limiting you.
  • If you want to regain greater control over your life and rekindle some of those dreams that you haven’t yet manifested;
  • If you want to find a way share more of the wisdom and experience you’ve accumulated thus far in your life with others and add to the legacy you can leave for those you love and others who come after you, then you’re in the right place at the right time.

Ageless Living can be journey of discovery, inquiry and self-validation. It’s can lift your spirits as well as your consciousness and encourage you to explore and integrate, new possibilities and greater promise

Free Gift #20

FREE 6 Reflections to Help You Navigate Life in these Times from the Ageless Living Series

Access reflections from George and Sedena Cappannelli part of the Ageless Living Series and the Wisdom Club.  A Membership created to support youin addressing some of the primary challenges you face and in addressing the most important goals you hope to achieve. It does this by helping to reduce limiting beliefs and negative habitual patterns that get in your way and inspires you to live an authentic life, the life you have come here to live.

Free Gift #21

FREE 6 Interoception Resources from Kelly Mahler

Access 6 valuable, printable resources about Interoception that have been developed over many years of interoceptive work and research by Kelly Mahler. She offers these as a free resource exclusively to members of her community. She created this community because she wanted to offer trusted and inspiring resources to help peole understand interoception and its critical role in our lives. 

Free Gift #22

FREE 10 Days of Courage Challenge

Join speaker Ken Foster’s 10 day challenge and access daily strategies to awaken your genius and transform your life.

Free Gift #23

FREE Happy Millionaire Mentality Mini-course: Abundance

In Ken Honda’s Happy Millionaire Mentality Mini-course: Abundance, you’ll discover:

  • The meaning of abundance
  • That abundance is a flow
  • To trust in abundance
  • The difference between trust vs. unfounded belief

Take Ken’s free mini-course and start learning to trust in the flow of abundance.

Free Gift #24

FREE Guided Intentionality Breath Breathwork Session

Download a guided session of Finian Kelly’s signature breathwork, the “Intentionality Breath” or “Love Over Fear Breath.”

This up-regulated breath will help you to clear negative belief loops and recode your subconscious mind. Upon completion you will be ready to take on your extraordinary life!

Free Gift #25

FREE Impressions and Perceptions Worksheet

When you sign up to Liz Brunner’s email list you will be given access to download FREE proprietary worksheets that she has created to assist you in understanding “Perceptions and Impressions” to help enhance your presence.

Free Gift #26

FREE Peak Performance Secrets eBook

In thsis Free eBook Peak Performance coach Sandee Sgarlada shares the peak performance secret of discovering your zone of genius.  

Each of us possesses a unique set of talents and abilities that, when fully harnessed, can elevate our impact and influence. However, it takes diving into a journey of self-awareness and empowerment to tap into your zone of genius – the place where your passions, strengths, and purpose converge to create extraordinary leadership.

Discovering and embracing your zone of genius is not only crucial for your personal fulfillment but also essential for making a lasting impact in your leadership journey. It is the space where your natural talents intersect with what brings you joy and a deep sense of purpose. When you operate from this place, your authenticity shines, your creativity soars, and your ability to influence and inspire others reaches new heights.
After 33 years of my own journey of self-discovery and working with clients,

In this eBook Sandee reveals her formula to achieving and staying in the genius zone.

Free Gift #27

FREE Stretch, Risk and Die Video Course

If you find yourself skipping over items on your to-do list or ‘forgetting’ to do the things that matter or not feeling motivated to get the things you want done then the Stretch, Risk and Die Video Course from Rhonda Britten and Fearless Living is for you.

It will cure you because it not only tells you WHY you do it, but it also tells you what to DO. (You’ve never heard anything like it.) 

Because if you’re like me, you want to live fearlessly.
It’s time you do! 

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